Tiki Hut Bars

South Florida has become a strong film and music production location. We build sets and scenery for themed environments, special events, film and television, and theatre productions. Because we have access to our own eco-friendly materials locally, we can come in and get your thatched themed environment built very quickly so you don’t waste valuable production time.

Tiki Bars for Hotels
Tiki Bars for Bars
Tiki Bars for Restaurants

Commercial Tiki Huts

The commercial uses for authentic Tiki huts include hotels, restaurants, bars, and other public venues were a tropical theme is desired. Commercial Tiki huts have been used to create outdoor theaters, temporary shade structures for public events, outdoor ticket booths and vendor areas.

In fact, a commercial Tiki hut can be used in most situations where you need a permanent or temporary open-air structure that meet code requirements for safety, including the application of fire retardant products.

Tiki Huts for Hotels

Tiki Huts for Restaurants

Tiki Huts for Bars

Residential Tiki Huts

We have been bringing the lost art of Chikee hut construction to modern luxury residences since 2005. While we have been called to re-thatch or repair Tiki huts built by our competitors, we have never had to go back and repair one we built ourselves.

All Tiki huts require some re-thatching for tiki hut maintenance, but properly constructed Tiki huts should last at least a decade without massive rehabilitation. We are frequently called upon…

Tiki Huts for Homes
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Tiki Huts for Vacation Homes

Dan The Tiki Hut Man

When you’re looking for a Tiki Hut in Key West, Key Largo, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach or Vero Beach that will last for years, contact Dan The Tiki Hut Man… I’m your man!

We also provide services for Tiki Hut Maintenance:

Tiki Hut Repairs, Rethatching, and Roofing.